5 Reasons Why People Are Using Phage Technology to Clear Their Acne

acne technology

Phyla's bacteriophages significantly reduced acne bacteria on the skin by up to 90%. This addresses the root cause of acne without causing collateral damage to the microbiome.


Targets only
bad bacteria

Bacteriophages (phages) are harmless viruses that target and kill bacteria. Ours are lab-chosen to destroy only the Cutibacterium acnes strain to balance out the skin's microbiome for healthier skin.


Gentle on skin

Unlike traditional acne fighting products that contain harmful ingredients that also strip the skin of natural oils, Phyla won't dry out your skin. Phyla increases microbiome diversity by attacking acne at its source, thus improving long-term skin health.


No relapses

Stopping C. acnes overgrowth boosts your natural microbiome diversity, which leads to balanced and clear skin without irritation or skin damage. Maintaining a healthy and diverse microbiome with the 3-step kit means no acne relapses - ever.


Better than

The facts speak for themselves. Our revolutionary technology is the permanent, gentle solution to acne you've been waiting for.

Acne-Fighting Probiotic Kit (60 Day Supply)
Regular price $150.00 Sale price $120.00 Complete cleanser, treatment and hydration kit to fight all types of acne. Use this day/night and experience a noticeable improvement in your skin within 30 days.

Success Stories

"Wonderful wonderful wonderful"

"First of all, this kit has worked wonders for my skin when nothing has worked in forever. Second, I love love how it's so non irritating and gentle! I have not received any side affects whatsoever ever! Along with other lifestyle change and Phyla, my skin is on its way to being completely healed."

- Emily M.

"Finally something that works!"

"I ordered Phyla thinking okay, I'll try one more thing. I've struggled with acne in varying forms since I was 12 I'm now 65 and get those small hard bumps under my skin. I'm so happy to say that this product works and believe me, I've tried everything! Thank you!!"

- Susan W.

"Calmed done my redness & breakouts within a few days!"

"I love how this system is only 3 steps! I was walking a tight-rope of too red and flakey with whiteheads and lots of breakouts. This system calmed down my skin almost instantly. I will definitely be continuing!"

- Valerie S.