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Don’t Bleach, Blast or Nuke Your Acne.
Nurture Your Skin Instead.

Traditional acne products cause skin damage and leave you with relapses over and over.  There’s a better way to get clear skin without redness, dryness, and irritation.

Most Acne Products Damage Skin

Harsh acne ingredients cause relapses and leave you with years of skin damage.

A New Approach To Acne

The latest microbiome research points to an approach that treats the root cause of acne, without the collateral damage.

Get Clear Skin At Last

Kill only the bad bacteria, nurture the good bacteria and heal your skin – for good.

See How Others Have Benefited From The PhylaTM Way

Kill The Bad Acne Bacteria, Nurture The Good Bacteria

Based on the latest microbiome research, our sophisticated approach uses a natural probiotic found on healthy skin to control the overgrowth of acne bacteria that cause inflammation. Fix the inflammation, fix your acne – for good.

Before After

Emily Q. from Littleton, CO

“I’m unbelievably happy with the results of the Phyla products. I’ve struggled with acne and finding something that actually works. Phyla cleared my skin very quickly and even helped lessen the visibility of my scars. I used the serum on my chest and back as well and they are both totally clear!”

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Makala M. from Poplar Bluff, MO

“My nighttime routine that has changed my skin completely… I could type a book about these products and how they’ve helped me so much. Phyla uses live probiotics to help balance the skin… I am a fan for life.”

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