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We Work With Your Skin, Not Against It.

Phyla is the world’s most advanced probiotic acne system. It kills only the acne bacteria without harming the good bugs, and balances your microbiome. And it’s the only way to get amazingly clear skin – without the skin damage.


The World's First
True Skin Probiotic

Imagine this: you go out to your garden, and you find a weed on your lawn. To get rid of the weed, do you pour gasoline all over your lawn to set it on fire? No, of course not! But you’re setting your microbiome on fire every day when you use harsh acne products.

Instead, you would just scoop out the weed, and replace it with a patch of grass. That’s exactly what Phyla’s approach does. Our revolutionary probiotic, a phage that targets C. acnes, kills only this acne bacteria without killing the good bacteria.

As a result it rebalances your microbiome, increases diversity, and puts your skin on the path to long-term health. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the data from our clinical trial and our customers’ amazing results.

3 Best Friends

Our complete skincare system

3 Best Friends

Our complete skincare system
(2 Month Supply)

Dewy Duo

A one-two punch against acne

Dewy Duo

A One-two Punch Against Acne
(2 month supply)


A Blemish Fighting Bundle


A blemish-fighting bundle
(2 month Supply)

Let’s Break It Down

Skincare and microbiome research has advanced a lot in the last 40 years. So why are you still using the same acne products that your parents used as teens?

Phyla is using cutting-edge microbiome technology to build a minimalist acne system that delivers maximum benefit, and minimum skin damage. Here’s how we stack up against other acne brands.

The Phyla difference

Monthly Cost $50 $50*
No Redness, dryness, irritation done_black_24dp.png close_black_24dp.png
No Acne Relapses done_black_24dp.png close_black_24dp.png
No Long-term skin damage done_black_24dp.png close_black_24dp.png
Microbiome rebalancing done_black_24dp.png close_black_24dp.png

* Average of full kits offered by Curology, Proactiv, Tula, and Paula’s Choice

Easy As One, Two, Three


Prep and exfoliate your skin with our gentle salicylic acid cleanser.


Target the acne-causing bacteria and allow the good bacteria to flourish.


Deeply hydrate and promote a healthy skin microbiome.

Phyla Success Stories

Before After


“Being a woman who has struggled with acne since grade 9, I have tried all different types of products in the past. Before Phyla reached out to me, I’ve never thought of trying skincare containing probiotics. And oh my soul! This was such an easy 3 step routine that leveled my skin pH, reduced pigmentation and acne/pimples, minimized my pores, and hydrated my skin. It left my skin glowing and allowed me to have confidence without wearing makeup!”


“My nighttime routine that has changed my skin completely… I could type a book about these products and how they’ve helped me so much. Phyla uses live probiotics to help balance the skin… I am a fan for life.”

Before After
Before After


“I have tried countless brands and products trying to get rid of my acne and nothing did what this product has done. I suffer from hormonal acne and due to always being so highly stressed it never seems to go away. It’s been about a month and a half of using the 3 step system and my skin is looking 85% clearer already. The inflammation and redness has almost completely vanished, especially in the jawline and cheek area. They say it takes 2 months before some can really see the full effect so I’m excited to see how much more this will help. Definitely will be repurchasing!”

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