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Get Clear Skin For Life –

Without the Redness, Dryness, or Irritation

Phyla is the world’s most advanced probiotic acne system. It kills only the acne bacteria without harming the good bugs, and balances your microbiome. It’s the only way to get amazingly clear skin without the skin damage.

Meet Phyla – The World’s First True Skin Probiotic

Imagine this…

You go out to your garden, and you find a weed on your lawn. To get rid of the weed, do you pour gasoline all over your lawn to set it on fire? No, of course not! But you’re setting your microbiome on fire every day when you use harsh acne products.

Instead, you would just scoop out the weed, and replace it with a patch of grass. That’s exactly what Phyla’s approach does. Our revolutionary probiotic, a phage that targets C. acnes, kills only this acne bacteria without killing the good bacteria.

As a result, it rebalances your microbiome, increases diversity, and puts your skin on the path to long-term health. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the data from our clinical trial and our customers’ amazing results.

Let’s Break it Down

Skincare and microbiome research has advanced a lot in the last 40 years. So why are you still using the same acne products that your parents used as teens?

Phyla is using cutting-edge microbiome technology to build a minimalist acne system that delivers maximum benefit, and minimum skin damage. Here’s how we stack up against other acne brands.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It.

With thousands of others who’ve chosen the new Phyla way, here’s how they’ve benefited… and how you can too.

Week 0 Week 6

Makala M. from Poplar Bluff, MO

“My nighttime routine that has changed my skin completely… I could type a book about these products and how they’ve helped me so much. Phyla uses live probiotics to help balance the skin… I am a fan for life.”

Emily Q. from Littleton, CO

“I’m unbelievably happy with the results of the Phyla products. I’ve struggled with acne and finding something that actually works. Phyla cleared my skin very quickly and even helped lessen the visibility of my scars. I used the serum on my chest and back as well and they are both totally clear!”

Week 0 Week 4

You’ll Love the Results – or It’s on Us.

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of our products, but in case you don’t yet, let’s make a pact.

If you don’t notice clearer, healthier skin after 60 days of consistent use, contact us for a full refund on your purchase and shipping. (Just between us, hardly anyone ever does.)


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