Hormonal Breakouts?
Phuck No.

Phyla is a clinically-proven scientific breakthrough that targets and kills
acne bacteria without harming your skin or messing with your hormones.

Vegan    Paraben free    Cruelty Free    Made in USA
Acne-Fighting Probiotic Kit (60 Day Supply)
Regular price $150.00 Sale price $120.00 Complete cleanser, treatment and hydration kit to fight hormonal acne. Use this day/night and experience a noticeable improvement in your skin within 30 days.
Our Technology: Bacteriophages

• Our isolated phages kill only the bacteria associated with acne: Cutibacterium acnes or C. acnes.

• 100% safe and naturally present in healthy skin.

• Chosen by our labs for their high stability and desirable genomic features.

Controlled Trial

We Asked Ourselves:
01. Do phages kill acne bacteria?
02. Did their reduction lead to clearer skin?
03. Did we increase microbiome diversity?
04. Is this safer than harsh acne products?

"Fast & Effective!"

This system had my stubborn combination
skin looking clear and feeling soft and balanced within three days of consistent twice-daily use. I was floored.

- Brandi L.

"Great for older hormonal skin"

This is an amazing product. I'm crazy hormonal and I have not had one spot. I'm 55 and have tried everything. I'm so glad I tried this.

- Jill B.