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Phyla Before and After Results

Microbiome diversity is key to healthy skin

C. acnes overgrowth causes inflammation and acne. Clinical study participants that used The Phyla System for 8-weeks had a significant reduction in C. acnes, a reduction in the appearance of acne, and an increase in their overall microbiome diversity.

Phyla is Clinically Proven to Clear Acne

Phyla Clinical Study Parameters

90 patients both men and women ages 12-35

8 weeks

third-party lab


placebo controlled

Phyla Impact on
C. acnes Bacteria

Phyla phages significantly reduced acne bacteria on the skin (p < 0.05), with reduction rates up to 90%.

C. acnes Bacterial Reduction Leads to Clear Skin

The phage group showed a significant clearing of the skin (p = 0.0041) compared to the placebo group.

Microbiome Diversity & Clear Skin

Phage treatment led to a significant increase in microbiome diversity for almost all Phyla users. In comparison, it decreased for almost all placebo users.

Meet Yug, Phyla’s Founder

Yug Varma, Ph.D.

A scientist by background, Yug received his training at distinguished academic institutions including Johns Hopkins University (Ph.D.) and University of California, San Francisco. As a microbiologist and synthetic biologist with a background in organic chemistry, Yug has spent his career working at the intersection of microbiome research, synthetic biology, and next-generation sequencing. This research led to his desire to develop the next generation of live biologic products to treat chronic microbial diseases.

While developing this technology, Yug discovered an application to tackle acne which he quickly realized is a serious problem without a safe, high-quality solution on the market. So he set out to build Phyla and the 3-Step Phyla Phage System, to meet the unmet consumer need for clean, effective skincare and acne-fighting products.

Phyla’s breakthrough technology uses a naturally occurring organism called bacteriophage (phage, for short) that specifically targets the overgrowth of acne bacteria. This phage has been shown to flourish in healthy skin, but is nearly absent on acne-affected skin. Yug decided to democratize this revolutionary organism, put it in a bottle, and make it accessible to everyone who needs it.

Phyla’s research has received support from UCSF and the NIH through research grants. It is the culmination of 6 years of cutting-edge R&D. Phyla is changing the way we treat conditions like acne — and making harsh acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide obsolete.

Phyla Phage System Instructions for Optimal Results

Apply Phyla Phage Serum 2x Daily — Morning and Night

60 Days of Applications per Serum Bottle

Refrigerate Serum for Best Results — Phyla’s Serum contains live Phages that survive longer when kept in a cooler environment