Cassandra Bankson Approves Phyla

Acne causes a lot of pain and suffering, but acne treatments often don’t help. Harsh acne products let us down time and time again, but we feel like we have no choice – we want clear skin, after all. But these harsh acne products are proven to cause a lot of skin damage, and often they do more harm than good.

Many acne sufferers, including one of our co-founders, have faced relapses, accumulated skin damage, gut issues, and serious medical risks like IBS, liver damage, and depression from these harsh treatments. The products that promised you clear skin cause redness, dryness, and irritation – all for short-term solutions where you’re only a relapse away from going back to square one. And as much as doctors and skin care specialists want to help, there has been no breakthrough innovation in acne skincare in the last 40 years.

The big question we faced as a team of scientists and acne sufferers was, “Why does clear skin have to come at such a cost?” We knew there had to be a better solution. Given the current harsh options and a lack of research in the acne skincare industry, it became Phyla’s duty to develop a healthier acne treatment that was not only safe, gentle, and effective to use; but also protected and nurtured your skin for life.

Throughout the day we were able to show Cassandra and her team around our lab facilities, educate them on the importance of the microbiome and the live probiotic (called bacteriophage) that we discovered in our lab, and discuss how we stabilized and incorporated this probiotic into our products to provide a safe application for our users. The brand new type of skin probiotic we discovered kills the bad bacteria associated with acne and keeps the good bacteria to help balance the skin’s microbiome. Strong and healthy microbiomes tend to be more diverse with both good and bad bacteria, which makes the skin more resilient towards common skin concerns like acne.

Our brand’s approach to combat acne by maintaining a healthy skin microbiome, rather than getting rid of its appearance on the surface provides a more gentle and natural treatment to those who face these problems. As discussed in our video with Cassandra, this live probiotic is naturally found on healthy skin which also makes it safe to use everyday, unlike traditional acne products. In our San Francisco lab, Cassandra viewed samples of our phage with our co-founder and CEO, Dr. Yug Varma. They discussed the struggles of acne, why traditional acne products fail, and how Phyla’s technology solves acne by removing the root cause of the disease.

A few of our key core values as a company is to provide full transparency behind our product’s technology, and to keep our innovative solution accessible to those who have found no cure after trying all the acne products on the market. Given Cassandra’s platform and her experience as an esthetician, our team was very thankful to be given the opportunity to showcase the cutting edge findings we are bringing to the skincare industry to both her and her audience.

Try our products risk-free with our 60-day guarantee! For more information about our product’s technology and an inside look into our production process, watch Cassandra Bankson’s visit to the Phyla facility here.