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“I’ve only used this for a week and I’m already seeing a difference in my skin!”

Our Technology: Bacteriophages

• The phages we've discovered kill only the bacteria associated with acne - Cutibacterium acnes, or C. acnes

• It's naturally present in healthy skin and is 100% safe and natural

• In our labs, we've isolated several phages and selected ones that are highly stable and do not contain any harmful or problematic features in their genomes

90 Participants used Phyla for 8 weeks


• Phyla keeps acne bacteria under 50%

• This allowed good bacteria to thrive

• Skin creates stronger protective layer

No more skin damage, redness, dryness, irritation, relapses
3-Step Acne Fighting Phage Kit

Complete cleanser, bacteriophage serum, and moisturizer system that works in unison to fight against all acne problems 

Get clear skin
#1 Acne Fighting Phage Serum

Powerful yet gentle bacteriophage serum that targets acne-causing bacteria and allows the good bacteria to flourish

get clear skin

Success Stories


"Since Phyla, my cystic acne is not nearly as bad as it once was, with most of my breakouts being superficial now. I love knowing that Phyla skincare is backed by probiotic scientific research that focuses on getting rid of the “bad bacteria” on my skin. My sensitive skin feels more balanced, nourished, and hydrated. My breakouts occur less frequently and are way more manageable. Best of all, Phyla has made me confident in my skin’s appearance again."



“Being a woman who has struggled with acne since grade 9, I have tried all different types of products in the past. Before Phyla reached out to me, I’ve never thought of trying skincare containing probiotics. And oh my soul! This was such an easy 3 step routine that leveled my skin pH, reduced pigmentation and acne/pimples, minimized my pores, and hydrated my skin. It left my skin glowing and allowed me to have confidence without wearing makeup!”

- Emily


“My nighttime routine that has changed my skin completely… I could type a book about these products and how they’ve helped me so much. Phyla uses live probiotics to help balance the skin… I am a fan for life.”



"I’ve had acne all of my life, but it had gotten much more severe over the last year, and it made me reevaluate my skincare and treatment. What I like about phyla is that my skin feels hydrated and healthier, rather than dried out and constantly flaking. The product definitely works, and my skin only keeps getting clearer the longer I use it. I’m a big fan!"


Vegan    Paraben free    Cruelty Free    Made in USA

Gentle on Skin, Powerful Against Acne