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Are you using an acne treatment?
Still breaking out?

Acne products fail and cause skin damage you didn’t sign up for.

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Bet you didn’t know…

Why Acne Products Fail

These ingredients might treat your acne some of the time, but they damage your skin 100% of the time.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Most people start here as they products are cheap, readily available and heavily marketed and you have probably tried this. But did you know that benzoyl peroxide is actually a form of bleach? This is why it ruins your clothes and leaves marks on your towels. Using Benzoyl Peroxide on your skin results in redness, dryness, irritation and peeling. This damage to your skin accumulates over the years and is irreversible. In 10 year’s time, you’ll be wondering why your skin looks worse than others your age. In fact, benzoyl peroxide is so harmful that one-third of people who find it effective cannot use it, because it is far too irritating for their skin.


Sulfur is considered a ‘gentle’ acne ingredient, but it causes intense stinging and burning when applied. Most people avoid it because of the rotten egg smell. It also strips excessive moisture from your skin, damaging it and drying it out. Repeated use of sulfur can cause the kind of accumulated skin damage that you see with benzoyl peroxide. If you’re allergic to sulfur, you may have difficulty breathing or get a swollen face, throat, or lips. Sulfur shouldn’t get in your eyes, nose, mouth or lips, so extra care has to be taken when applying it to your face. And application of too much sulfur can lead to harmful side effects through skin absorption.


Prescription antibiotics are typically the first line of care from a dermatologist after you have tried over the counter options. Antibiotics can be effective against acne but they kill indiscriminately, destroying both good and bad bacteria. Since you’re killing the protective bacteria on your skin too, the bad bacteria that cause acne grow back faster and unchecked, and relapses are a common feature. Even worse, many antibiotics cause sun sensitivity and cannot be used for a long time, resulting in your breakouts rebounding even harder. Antibiotics can be in creams or in pills and the pill form also kills the bacteria in your gut and messes up your gut. Excess antibiotic use also contributes to the antibiotic resistance crisis, and encourages the rise of dangerous superbugs.


Retinoids come in two forms, topical and oral. Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A and work by increasing cell turn over. What does that mean? Well, your skin cells regenerate naturally but retinoids speed this up to outcompete the acne, and in the process they cause irritation and peeling. Skin cells that are made faster also make your skin more sensitive to the sun because the cells aren’t really mature. On top of that, there are only so many cycles of cell turnover that your skin can handle so what’s not talked about is that this actually causes faster skin aging!

When you take retinoids orally, we like to call this “the nuclear option” as this goes throughout your whole body and is really tough on the liver and other organs. Oral retinoids have a whole list of medical risks like gut issues, liver damage and IBS that can last a lifetime.

Even if you accept the skin damage and serious medical risks that these acne products cause, you are still frustrated by deal the relapses because your skin can’t handle the collateral damage from them. Then you have to go off the treatment … and your acne comes right back.

It’s not your fault.. There are no great options to treat acne

Doctors want to help but have a limited toolbox. But it’s not your fault; there’s been little innovation in acne treatment for nearly 40 years. And because kids today are left with the same options their parents had a generation ago, the consequences of having to use traditional harsh products can follow them throughout their life with skin and health issues.

You just want clear skin without the skin damage or other serious medical risks.

Is that too much to ask?

Acne is a chronic condition and every day you need to take care of your skin. You need a simple and gentle treatment that you can use every day and that doesn’t damage your skin, paying the price 10 years down the line. You deserve a treatment that works for your skin, and a simple system that addresses the root cause of your breakouts without any of the collateral damage that harsh products inevitably cause.

There Has To Be A Better Way!

Simple. Gentle. Works.

What if there was an option that was simple, gentle to use daily, worked for life, and empowered you to take control of your skin health? An option that you’ve always wanted, but never had.. Until now.


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