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Learn the True Cost of Acne Products

Harsh acne products cause redness, dryness, irritation, and peeling. But those side effects aren’t temporary! Little by little, day by day, this damage accumulates until it’s permanent – and you’re wondering why your skin looks so much worse than other people your age.

But it’s not your fault. See what a 40-year lack of acne innovation means for your skin health. And thanks to new research, you don’t have to blast, bleach, or nuke your skin anymore. You can nurture it instead.

This video will help you to:

Find Out

how acne products trap you in a cycle of relapses and hurt your skin -, and the lasting effects of that damage.


the root cause of acne from the latest microbiome research, and what that means for you.

Take Charge

of your own skin health and find your path to getting clear skin for life.

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Find Out How Phyla Fits Into Your Life

In a few short minutes, you’ll find out exactly which Phyla products you need, and get started on your journey to clear skin for life. Best of all, free 2-day shipping!

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