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Harsh Acne Products May or May Not Help, But They Cause Skin Damage 100% of The Time

We’re here to fix it – with the most advanced acne science yet.
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Why You’re Here

You want clear skin, and with all the products out there, you’re right to wonder – why Phyla? The simple answer is that all those other brands are selling you the same thing in a different bottle. And that thing hasn’t changed in 40 years – so your skin is going through the same torture that your parents went through in their youth.

But with amazing advances in skin research and the microbiome, Phyla is focused on bringing the latest scientific breakthroughs to you. Our Ph.D. scientists from Johns Hopkins and UCSF, with 10 years of microbiome research experience, have discovered a unique probiotic that kills the acne bacteria and gets to the root cause of acne. The result: clear skin, without the skin damage from those harsh acne products. A modern solution for a modern age.

What Causes Acne?

Acne has many causes: diet, hormones, genetics, and stress. But these are all secondary to the root cause of acne: the overgrowth of C. acnes, a bacteria that makes up 80-90% of all bacteria on your face [1]

C. acnes loves to feed on sebum, or the oil produced on your face. So acne can flare up with anything that affects the amount and type of sebum your skin produces, like how much you sweat (stress), what you eat (diet), your cycle (hormones), or your skin type (genetics).

The science used to tell us to control our sebum, to be less oily and wash our face to the point of dryness. But natural oils are essential to skin health, because they maintain the skin barrier, keep our skin supple and moist, and help it look more youthful. They’re literally food for your skin – and the acne bacteria. But remember, the problem is not the food – it’s the bacterial overgrowth. 

So what if you could just control the growth of the bacteria? Then it doesn’t matter how much you sweat, or what spicy foods you love, or what your hormonal cycle is. You can get healthy skin by having a healthy microbiome.

How Do We Treat Acne Now?

The fact that bacteria are the root cause of acne is reflected in the fact that all acne ingredients are antibacterial in nature: benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, even retinoids [2]. But the problem is that they are indiscriminate killers: they destroy both the good and the bad bacteria. This means that you’re always depleting this invisible shield that keeps you healthy, and so it’s no wonder that your acne keeps coming back.

But what’s even worse is what these harsh products do to your skin. Benzoyl peroxide is a form of bleach that produces dangerous free radicals, which damage the skin and activate aging pathways in skin cells. Retinoids accelerate the production of new skin cells, and result in your skin aging faster as well. And antibiotics cause antimicrobial resistance and an endless cycle of relapses.

How Phyla Uses a Live Probiotic to Clear Skin

Imagine this: you go out to your garden, and you find a weed on your lawn. To get rid of the weed, do you pour gasoline all over your lawn to set it on fire? No, of course not! But you’re setting your microbiome on fire every day when you use harsh acne products.

Instead, you would just scoop out the weed, and replace it with a patch of grass. That’s exactly what Phyla’s approach does. Our revolutionary probiotic, a phage that targets C. acnes, kills only this acne bacteria without killing the good bacteria. As a result it rebalances your microbiome, increases diversity, and puts your skin on the path to long-term health. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the data from our clinical trial and our customers’ amazing results.

The Phyla Story

Phyla’s approach is the product of the latest scientific advances in acne and insights from microbiome research. Our groundbreaking probiotic is the product of 7 years of research spearheaded by Yug Varma, cofounder and CEO of Phyla. He used technology that can help solve the antibiotic crisis in order to develop this innovative approach to acne. He teamed up with his cofounder Maria, an accomplished pharma executive who had suffered from acne for years and tried four rounds of Accutane. Unfortunately it left her with constant relapses and gut issues from the harsh side effects that last to this day.

After 7 years of R&D, they were able to stabilize the live probiotic and prove that this probiotic was the key to clear skin. Maria has finally found a solution where she’s no longer dealing with relapses or harsh, damaging acne products. This simple system is designed to end the revolving door of ineffective acne products, and be used by teenagers and adults alike – because it addresses the root cause of acne.

We’re excited to offer this solution to the first generation of people who won’t have to deal with skin damage like their parents did, who can take charge of their own skin health. They’re solving it for themselves and for their kids – to pass on a solution that avoids relapses and skin damage.


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