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“Being a woman who has struggled with acne since grade 9, I have tried all different types of products in the past. Before Phyla reached out to me, I’ve never thought of trying skincare containing probiotics. And oh my soul! This was such an easy 3 step routine that leveled my skin pH, reduced pigmentation and acne/pimples, minimized my pores, and hydrated my skin. It left my skin glowing and allowed me to have confidence without wearing makeup!”


“When I initially tested Phyla’s product line (the probiotic serum, moisturizer, and cleanser) I didn’t get my hopes up because I have tried many cleansers and lotions before, that would break me out more or would dry my skin out. Adding Phyla to my skincare routine this year has been a LIFE CHANGING for me. I’m lucky enough to say I have finally found the products that work well for my skin.

I have two products that I simply cannot imagine my days without, and Phyla is one of them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to try it, and also the kindness and generosity of Phyla’s team.”

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 “I have struggled with acne since 2017, and no matter what I did nothing has helped. Some products were good temporary fixes but never for the long run. I started using the Phyla system and it was an instant routine for me to follow, which is nice to not have to pick and blindly choose each skincare step. Within the first week, I was absolutely sold. The oiliness and overall texture of my skin completely changed. I noticed this and it encouraged me to keep up with the routine twice daily. I am so happy with my results from just using this system for two months now and I can honestly say I don’t want to go back to any other routine. I’m truly thankful for Phyla for showing me how clear my skin can be almost effortlessly and how confident I can be with smooth skin. I would definitely recommend this product line to everyone struggling with acne. Even if you’re not, it makes your skin feel so nice :)”

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Worked miracles for my adult acne, I will keep buying. One thing I hope Phyla can improve on is the packaging, packaging is pretty cheap and I can't see how much I have left in the serum, so its a guessing game on when to order the next one. But what really matters are the products inside, definitely recommend.
pusu yuan
Three best friends
Solved my hormonal acne problems. I didn't have the worst acne in the world to begin with, but it did clear up my skin on my forehead and along my jaw line. My period acne has significantly improved. No more painful under the skin pimples that take almost a month to go away. I'm terrible at washing my face regularly to begin with - I don't wear makeup and rely to much on witch hazel - so knowing that when I wash my face that actual science is alive, well, and feasting on my sebum production gives me confidence.
Zuri Gideon
Phortify serum
This system made me realize just how drying and irritating my previous routine was! Although it hasn't totally cleared my hormonal breakouts (yet?), it is definitely helping overall! Phresh (cleanser) is gentle and doesn't irritate or leave a residue on my skin; Phortify (serum) and Phluff (moisturizer) sink wonderfully into my skin without being greasy. Just ordered my second 2-month supply of just Phresh and Phortify (still have more Phluff to use!) and I'm very hopeful! I do wish it was easier to tell when the Phortify serum was nearing empty, though, and that all items were available in larger sizes for those treating multiple areas.
Jessica Kodary
Three Best Friends
I have tried countless brands and products trying to get rid of my acne and nothing did what this product has done. I suffer from hormonal acne and due to always being so highly stressed it never seems to go away. It’s been about a month and a half of using the 3 step system and my skin is looking 85% clearer already. The inflammation and redness has almost completely vanished, especially in the jawline and cheek area. They say it takes 2 months before some can really see the full effect so I’m excited to see how much more this will help. Definitely will be repurchasing!
Emily Loftus
Three best friends
I have just finished my 60 days and didn’t want to give a review until then. I have to say that I am someone whose had cystic acne for nearly 2 decades. The 3 Best Friends program has improved my skin so much that I am starting to believe that my skin can be healed. All of my progress pics can be found on my Instagram @illyarmen. I cannot thank Phyla enough for giving me the hope and possibly of healing my skin!
Iliane Vest
Phortify serum
I have terrible, hormonal, acne-prone skin. Over the past year, my skin got progressively worse until it was uncontrollable. With the phyla system, my skin has completely healed. This moisturizer was a key component in healing my skin. It balances my skin’s moisture level without feeling greasy. This is a must-have for me!
Phluff moisturizer
After trying everything under the sun to cure my acne I had low hopes for phyla. But I decided to give it a shot thanks to studying the science behind it inspired by Cassandra Bankson and I am SO glad I did! I saw results Immediately (like within 24 hours!) And wasn't expecting to for 2 or so months so that was a BIG surprise! Everything was going realy well and my skin got a little bit better everyday! After about a week I noticed that I no longer had inflamed puss filled blemishes, instead it seemed every zit turned into a little solid ball that could be easily pushed out and then disappeared! Unfortunately, after one month of use, I went on vacation for a week and did not bring my products with me. That was a big mistake, my acne quickly returned worss than before and now that I am back on the phyla regimen I feel it is not working as well or at least as fast. But I have motivation to keep using the products consistently and have high hopes for astounding results once again! About to purchase my second bottle of the serum, I noticed that I go through that way more quickly than the wash and the moisturizer I feel that I need to use two pumps at least per application to cover my face but the wash and the moisturizer spread very far! One thing that I recommend is to keep all 3 products in the fridge it feels very refreshing! PHYLA PLEASE put a little more serum in the bottles and change the moisturizer to the awesome pump bottle that the serum comes in so it doesn't get contaminated from sticking your fingers in it! Great products overall, they smell mild and feel wonderful on the skin! If only you made a sunscreen!!!
Bri BeVan
Three Best Friends
With Phyla, I really noticed a difference and improvement within my skin. Cleared up so much of the unwanted imperfections that I was so insecure about. I loved that it was only three products because less is truly more. Consistently using this skin care line has made me more comfortable and confident with my own skin. Me and my skin have a long way to go, but this is a good starting point to having better skin. Thank you so much Phyla and the team for making such amazing products and making a game-changer skin care line!
Three best friends

In The Press

It represents modern innovation and technology that’s utilized within skincare… It’s very hydrating and nourishing, but it’s not heavy. It’s a very simple ingredient list- you’re really just getting the ingredients to help prevent bad bacteria, which makes it really optimal for anyone who does have really sensitized or breakout prone skin, but opposed to other really harsh, strong acne treatments this one is a very gentle one.

– Hyram

This is the Phortify Serum that I’m personally bewildered by. I love this. It’s not just super spiffy packaging… This actually has probiotic tech built into it to basically eat up or to destroy c. acnes bacteria that’s living in the skin.

– Cassandra