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View just a few of the Friends of Phyla and their journey to clear skin.

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Phyla Testimonials

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Meet Ali J.

Ali is a kind Aussie who enjoys skincare and beauty. Ali’s problem areas are around her cheek and chin area and she tried many products, but nothing worked in the long term. Ali has loved seeing her results from Phyla.

In Ali’s Own Words…

“Being a woman who has struggled with acne since grade 9, I have tried all different types of products in the past. Before Phyla reached out to me, I’ve never thought of trying skincare containing probiotics. And oh my soul! This was such an easy 3 step routine that leveled my skin pH, reduced pigmentation and acne/pimples, minimized my pores, and hydrated my skin. It left my skin glowing and allowed me to have confidence without wearing makeup!”

Meet Breanna

Breanna is a young and vibrant actor with a passion for skating. Breanna’s acne mostly recurred in the cheek area and she’s glad she finally found clear skin with Phyla.

In Breanna’s Own Words…

 “I have struggled with acne since 2017, and no matter what I did nothing has helped. Some products were good temporary fixes but never for the long run. I started using the Phyla system and it was an instant routine for me to follow, which is nice to not have to pick and blindly choose each skincare step. Within the first week, I was absolutely sold. The oiliness and overall texture of my skin completely changed. I noticed this and it encouraged me to keep up with the routine twice daily. I am so happy with my results from just using this system for two months now and I can honestly say I don’t want to go back to any other routine. I’m truly thankful for Phyla for showing me how clear my skin can be almost effortlessly and how confident I can be with smooth skin. I would definitely recommend this product line to everyone struggling with acne. Even if you’re not, it makes your skin feel so nice :)”

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Meet Gabriela

Gabriela is a talented artist and creative spirit. She loves dogs, allergy friendly snacks, and making art for her friends. After dealing with adult acne and being frustrated with acne products that don’t deliver, she has become a thought leader in the acne-positivity space.

In Gabriela’s Own Words…

“When I initially tested Phyla’s product line (the probiotic serum, moisturizer, and cleanser) I didn’t get my hopes up because I have tried many cleansers and lotions before, that would break me out more or would dry my skin out. Adding Phyla to my skincare routine this year has been a LIFE CHANGING for me. I’m lucky enough to say I have finally found the products that work well for my skin.

I have two products that I simply cannot imagine my days without, and Phyla is one of them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to try it, and also the kindness and generosity of Phyla’s team.”

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