Post Guidelines

Posting requirements

In order to meet the posting requirement, the following must be done:

  • Post one static post and one Instagram story a month
  • Tag @phylabiotics in the caption and photo
  • #getphyla in the caption

Content Tips

  • Photos should align with the Phyla aesthetic – Minimal + fresh!
  • Product color and label should be true to form and reflect what’s on our website.
  • Front of the label should be clear and visible showing the Phyla logo and product name.
  • Avoid logos of other brands.
  • Get creative with your posts! Make videos, edits, or any content that feels true to you. Always remember to tag @phylabiotics and use the hashtag #getphyla in your caption!


Caption Tips

    • Anything stated on the Phyla blog posts or Phyla FAQ page can be used in an Instagram caption.
  • What to say:
      • Phyla is the world’s first true skin probiotic.
      • Phyla targets the root cause of acne.
      • Phyla discovered a brand new type of skin probiotic, called a bacteriophage (phage, for short).
      • The Phyla system was made for acne-prone or blemish prone skin
      • When describing the system, say it targets/eliminates bacteria ASSOCIATED with acne
      • Only the 3 Best Friends bundle, the Besties bundle, and the Phresh cleanser alone can be described as “acne-fighting”
  • What to avoid:
      • If you would like to review your caption before posting, please send it to Dominique.
      • Do not say “acne-causing bacteria”.
      • Cannot use the words “heals, cures, fixes, treats, etc.”.
  • Products:
    • The PHRESH cleanser is a gentle 2% Salicylic Acid cleanser used to prep the skin for the probiotic technology.
    • The PHORTIFY SERUM is the only product that contains probiotics.
    • The PHLUFF moisturizer was designed to maintain the live probiotic’s integrity.