Cystic Breakouts?
Phuck No.

Phyla is a clinically-proven scientific
breakthrough that targets and kills acne bacteria.

Vegan    Paraben free    Cruelty Free    Made in USA
Acne-Fighting Probiotic Kit (60 Day Supply)
Regular price $150.00 Sale price $120.00 Complete cleanser, treatment and hydration kit to fight deep cystic acne. Use this day/night and experience a noticeable improvement in your skin within 30 days.
Our Technology: Bacteriophages

• Our isolated phages kill only the bacteria associated with acne: Cutibacterium acnes or C. acnes.

• 100% safe and naturally present in healthy skin.

• Chosen by our labs for their high stability and desirable genomic features.

Controlled Trial

We Asked Ourselves:
01. Do phages kill acne bacteria?
02. Did their reduction lead to clearer skin?
03. Did we increase microbiome diversity?
04. Is this safer than harsh acne products?

"Life Changing!"

The best alternative to benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics, tretinoin. Ever since I used this 3 step Phyla skincare, I have noticed healthier skin. If you're sensitive to the products listed above 👆, Phyla is the best and only option on the market.

- Cristian R.


"Using Phyla, I now have the most calm and smooth skin. Virtually all my acne is gone. My jawline doesn't have painful knots from my cysts anymore either. I seriously feel so confident and comfortable in my skin now. 100% worth it!!"

- Morgan H.