Phyla: An Acne Solution Rooted in Science,
Compassion, and Care

Tired of treating your skin like the enemy? Feel comfortable in your skin with Phyla’s love-first approach to the science of skincare.

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Meet Phyla

Like over 50 million Americans, Phyla co-founder Maria Cho struggled with acne well beyond her teenage years. Armed with 15 years of professional experience in the pharma industry, she took her skin’s health into her own hands.

She partnered with Dr. Yug Varma, a microbiologist and together, they discovered a probiotic called C. acnes bacteriophage. This probiotic is a healthy bacteria that kills acne-causing bacteria and allows skin to thrive.

Phyla is designed to support this skin-loving probiotic, so it can do what it does best—keep your skin healthy, happy, and acne-free.

Why Phyla?

Your Skin The Way It Was
Meant To Be

Say Yes to Acne-Free, Naturally

Revealing Nourished, Clear Skin
with The Power of Phyla

We treat acne with science-backed kindness, enriching your pores with skin-loving nutrients, hydration, and probiotics.

The Latest in Skin Innovation – Today’s typical acne treatments are outdated, and they ignore decades of microbiome and skin research. Phyla is designed by today’s scientists, factoring in the latest breakthroughs in skin science.

A Solution Your Body Was Made For – The Phyla System works by promoting the good bacteria in your skin. These probiotics are naturally produced and act as the caretakers of your skin’s biome, seeking out bad bacteria and neutralizing them before they can cause breakouts.

A Gentler Approach to Skincare – Because our system works with your body’s natural acne-fighting defenses, there are no harsh drying effects, no irritation, and no damage to the integrity of your beautiful skin.

A Daily Dose of Self-Care – Phyla’s system is designed to be gentle enough for daily use while still powerful enough to make a big difference in your skin’s health.

Ingredients You Can Trust 
– We strive to keep our products kind from start to finish, which is why Phyla products are 100% animal component free and 100% cruelty free—and always will be.

True Results

As a medical esthetician, Cassandra Bankson knows better than most that the old adage “you’ll grow out of acne when you’re older” is simply untrue. Cassandra dealt with severe chronic cystic acne 

in her teen years. And now, as an adult, Cassandra has found that adult acne is a whole different story.

Through Cassandra’s experience as a skincare professional, she
knew she needed to find a product that would support her skin health, and not attack her acne with damaging chemicals and horrible side effects.

She found her answer in Phyla. After a few months of the Phyla System, Cassandra’s skin is healthier, clearer, and more nourished than ever before.

Phyla’s kindness-first approach to skincare resonated with Cassandra’s personal slogan:

“Skin care is self-care; nurture don’t nuke!”

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