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Phyla Gift Card

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Vegan    Paraben free    Cruelty Free    Made in USA
01 Phresh Gel Cleanser

Begin by removing your makeup and/or sunscreen with your favorite makeup remover. Emulsify a dime-sized amount of cleanser with water and apply it to wet skin. Massage gently over your skin, avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly.

02 Phortify Probiotic Serum

Next, let the Phortify serum do its magic. The live probiotic in the serum goes to work killing only the acne-causing bacteria, allowing the good bacteria to flourish and build a resilient microbiome. Apply 1 full pump to clean skin. Gently massage the serum onto face in small, circular motions until it’s fully absorbed. For best results, keep serum refrigerated.

03 Phluff Moisturizer

Lastly, massage moisturizer onto clean skin following the serum until fully absorbed.We recommend not to use moisturizers other than Phluff as they may inactivate thelive probiotic in the Phortify serum.

Kill the Bad, Keep the Good

Our revolutionary probiotic targets and kills only acne bacteria without killing the good bacteria. As a result it rebalances your microbiome, increases diversity, and puts your skin on the path to long-term health.

Gentle on skin, Powerful on Acne

Our formulations are designed with your skin health in mind. When using acne care, you shouldn't have to choose between acne, redness, irrtation, or dryness. You can say goodbye to all of them with Phyla.

90 Participants used Phyla for 8 weeks


• Phyla keeps acne bacteria under 50%

• This allowed good bacteria to thrive

• Skin creates stronger protective layer

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that skincare is deeply personal, and once you find something your skin loves, you don’t want to give it up. We want you to let Phyla be that system. 

For best results, we recommend that you use the Phyla system on its own. However, if you have other must-have products in your regimen, we recommend you use the Acne Fighting Phage Serum solely at night. Remove all makeup and other products from your skin with the Phresh Cleanser, apply the Acne Fighting Phage Serum, and the Phluff Moisturizer as the last products before you go to bed. 

Not only will this reduce the ingredient burden on your skin, but it will give our phage the best chance to work hard all night to recalibrate your microbiome and keep those breakouts at bay!

While in most cases we did not see the skin get worse or have any side effects (like redness or irritation), it is possible that your skin goes through a purge due to the recalibration process of your skin microbiome.

We recommend using the Phyla system twice daily for at least 2 months to rebalance your microbiome and see your skin health improve for the long term!

While some of our customers see quick acne relief with our system, we highly recommend using our products as part of your long-term skincare regimen.

Acne is a chronic skin condition, and fixing it takes time. Remember that your relationship with your skin is for life, and you will reap the benefits of a healthy microbiome long after your acne is resolved.

Stick with us for at least two months and you’ll understand why.

This is possible. With any new skin care treatment, the bacteria on your skin needs to re-adapt to its new regimen. Since everyone’s skin microbiome is different, no two microbiomes will react in the same way to this recalibration.

During your first 45 days, it's possible you can see an occasional breakout. Clinically, this is called “a purge” and it's safe and normal!

Specific to your Phyla regimen, it's a sign that your microbiome is recalibrating and that the serum is working to reduce the overgrowth of bad bacteria. Dermatologists say that, if there’s any purging, it's usually gone 4-5 weeks after starting a new skin-care regimen. This is why we recommend you use Phyla for the full 2 months to see optimal results!

The Phyla system is designed to be used immediately upon receipt, and completed within 2 months, while incorporated into a daily skincare regimen.

The Acne Fighting Phage Serum does contain a live probiotic, and we would encourage you to refrigerate it rather than storing at room temperature (we store it refrigerated before shipping to you).

The Acne Fighting Phage Serum may also feel more soothing when applied with a light chill to it.

The Acne Fighting Phage Serum contains our proprietary live probiotic, and just like yogurt or kombucha (or any live probiotic), it needs to be refrigerated when not in use.

The serum is stable for up to 2 months without refrigeration. So a week or two on vacation is no problem! However, we do recommend to put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible. It will last up to 6 months being refrigerated.

We are proud to make 100% of our formulations in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. Our proprietary ingredient is made in small batches and with exacting standards at our local manufacturing facility in Sonoma County.

We recommend a powder-based or mineral-based sunscreen like zinc oxide. We know that products with dimethicone and silicone will affect the potency of our phage, so we suggest to avoid using sunscreens with those specific ingredients in conjunction with Phyla.

We currently ship to all 50 U.S. However, you may experience longer delivery times if you’re ordering from Hawaii and Alaska—thank you for being patient.

For best results, we recommend that you use the Phyla system twice daily for at least 60 days. Based on our clinical trial and feedback from thousands of our customers, the timeframe to achieve clear skin varies. Some people see rapid results within 2 weeks of usage, while others see results within 6-8 weeks of usage.

During your first 45 days, it's possible that your acne gets worse before it gets better. Clinically, this is called “a purge” and it's safe and normal. Dermatologists say any purging should be over in 4-5 weeks after starting a new skin-care regimen. If you experience a purge, it’s a sign your skin microbiome is changing for the better and the serum is working to reduce the overgrowth of bad bacteria. This is why we recommend you use Phyla for the full two months to rebalance your microbiome and see your skin health improve for the long term!

If you feel like your acne is not improving after 60 days, please contact us and we'll issue a 50% refund. There will be a small fee deducted from the refund to cover the shipping label. The window for your refund is 90 days after delivery. We stand behind the efficacy of our products, so please reach out if you have questions before purchasing.

In order to request a refund, please contact us at to start the process.