Clinically-Backed Skincare For Long-Term Clear Skin

In a clinical trial run by a third-party lab, we got to observe the Phyla system’s probiotic technology at work. Patients experienced a decrease in acne bacteria and redness, with an increase in confidence and long term skin health. Take our quiz to start your journey to clear skin today!


The Benefits of Topically Applied Phage on the Acne Microbiome.

What We Found

In a clinical study, The Phyla System was shown to significantly decrease the overgrowth of C. acnes on the skin compared to the placebo in 8 weeks. The average decrease in C. acnes was 17%, and up to 90% for some patients.

Impressed with results

The Phyla System reduces C. acnes and Improves Acne

The Approach


The Phyla System No side-effects, no skin damage, increased skin microbiome diversity and resilience, and mitigated relapses
Antibiotics Drug-resistant bacteria, irritation and dryness, sun sensitivity, relapses
Benzoyl Peroxide Damages skin (redness, irritation, dryness), activates aging pathways
Retinoids Birth defects, liver damage, depression/suicide risk, accelerates aging, chronic dryness

The Phyla System has been proven to cause no side effects or skin damage. The Clinical Trial results proved it to mitigate relapses by increasing microbiome diversity and resilience.

Other acne approaches give customers short term results with a multitude of side effects, causing harm to their skin in the long term.

Skin Microbiome Diversity

before and after the phyla system

After using the placebo for 8-weeks, the patients’ microbiome diversity either decreased or stayed stagnant. Meanwhile, patients that used The Phyla System treatment for 8-weeks, had a significant increase in their microbiome diversity (that’s a good thing).

Your microbiome is the ecosystem of bacteria on the surface of your skin. It fights to protect you from pathogens that could affect your skin, and overall health. A healthy and balanced microbiome is highly diverse.

We know that people with acne have a less diverse skin microbiome because of overgrowth of C. acnes. So The Phyla System approach, is to have our bacteriophage target C. acnes without killing the good bacteria that helps increase the diversity of your skin microbiome.

Microbiome diversity is a marker for skin health, and could be the key to long-term clear skin.