Our mission is to change the way we treat chronic skin diseases, starting with acne.

Here’s how it all began.

Meet The Dream Team

Maria Cho

Maria has lived with acne all of her life, and has struggled to find a good solution to treat her acne since her teenage years. In her pursuit of clear skin, she tried ’em all: benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, and even four rounds of Accutane. Despite her best efforts, she was left with consistent relapses and gut issues from the harsh side effects that last to this day.

Having worked in the pharma space for 15 years, she knew what it took to make a high quality product. She was looking for a better way to get effective long-term results for her acne. without compromising her health.

Yug Varma

Yug was conducting microbiome research at UCSF. He was also working on biotechnology that can be used to cure dangerous bacterial diseases, and can help solve the antibiotic crisis.

While developing this technology, he discovered an application to tackle acne, which is a huge problem with no good solution. Over-the-counter treatments are temporary cures, and harsh ingredients cause lasting skin damage. Prescription oral retinoids are the nuclear option – they’re risky and carry serious medical risks.

On A Mission

They teamed up, got NIH funding for their research, and used a microbiome approach for acne. They discovered a unique probiotic that lives on healthy skin and kills only acne bacteria. It’s not found on acne skin, where the acne bacteria run rampant. So they asked: what if we kill the bad bugs causing acne, and nurture the good bugs? Could that get clear skin without the skin damage, by building a stronger, more resilient microbiome?

After 7 years of R&D, they were able to stabilize the live probiotic and prove that this probiotic was the key to clear skin. Maria has finally found a solution where she’s no longer dealing with relapses or harsh, damaging acne products. This simple system is designed to end the revolving door of ineffective acne products, and be used by teenagers and adults alike – because it addresses the root cause of acne.

They’re excited to offer this solution to the first generation of people who won’t have to deal with skin damage like their parents did, who can take charge of their own skin health. They’re solving it for themselves and for their kids – to pass on a solution that avoids relapses and skin damage.